Coding is like an art to me and I'm very much influenced by the quote Code is poetry.


This is Khan AKA TheDramatist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Till now I've seen springs and hope to see many more. I’m a former group theatre activist and I borrowed the title TheDramatist form there.

By profession I’m a web programmer. It’s been years since I printed my very first Hello World!. I still remember those early 2012 days, after one year of getting admitted to university, I was playing around with computer and suddenly the name PHP appeared in my screen as the first result of a Google search. And that dragged me in PHP programming. Actually, I've learnt PHP for fun, but now it become one of my best tools. After learning basic PHP, I started playing around with WordPress. While playing around with WordPress, it lead me to object oriented programming, algorithm and design patterns. So I started googling and till now I'm fascinated with those. Then some days later I got introduced to Ruby, and then on I’m quite fascinated with the language. Currently my time goes mostly with PHP and JavaScript, partly with Ruby. I'm also a WooCommerce and Laravel core contributor. In leisure time I like to read books and write reviews in Goodreads.


Here some of my professional profiles-

Project Management

The firms I worked for till now, these below project management tools has been used by them. So I'm quite familiar with these below tools-

JIRA Slack Asana Trello Scoro

Softwares & Tools

I use these below tools at my day to day work-

Current Status

Currently I’m working remotely as WordPress Engineer at Wallmander & Co AB and also volunteer as a programmer at MarsSociety, the organization which works with NASA on colonising the red planet Mars.